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Maintaining Your Pet’s Nails, Ears, and Anal Glands in Calgary: Our Walk-in Services

When it comes to good grooming for your pet, you shouldn’t have to wait until their next full pampering session to take care of those miscellaneous odds and ends. Occasionally it does become necessary to bring in your friend for some quick upkeep. At 4 Paws Grooming, we are happy to accommodate our customers with a number of services that don’t require a formal booking. From your pet’s nails to their anal glands, our Calgary location is ready to help.

Our Walk-in Services

Although appointments aren’t necessary for these services, we still recommend that you give us a quick call before stopping by (just in case we happen to be busy on the day). Our drop-in services include:


Nail Trims

Although each dog is different, their nails should be attended to at least once every 4 weeks. The same is recommended for cats. We appreciate that nail maintenance can be a tricky chore for customers with skittish pets. Our staff has the tools and experience to carry out the work safely and efficiently. At 4 Paws Grooming, we also have a grinder for our canine customers (on request) which allows us to smooth and round the nail to eliminate any sharp edges.


Ear grooming

Some dogs have naturally droopy and hairy ears, if left unkempt, they run a greater risk of getting damp which can lead to instances of infection. Whether it’s cats or dogs, neither is traditionally fond of being trimmed around their face or having their ears properly cleaned. It’s often preferable to leave this to an experienced professional.


Gland Expression

If your pooch is prone to dragging their bottom across the floor (scooting), or excessive licking of their nether regions, it may be a sign that their anal glands have been impacted. These fluid-filled scent glands express every time your pet defecates. Each dog has their own unique identifying odor which is why dogs often sniff each other under the tail upon meeting. It is important to ensure that these glands are functioning properly and free of any infection or blockages. Take our word for it — especially those new to dog ownership — the necessary draining of your dog’s anal glands is best handled by a qualified professional.


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