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skin care

Calgary Dog Grooming Services for Proper Skin Care and Healthier Coats

Skin care is an important, but often forgotten component of pet ownership. Many pet owners attend to the brushing of their furry friends, but don’t give as much consideration to what lies underneath the coats. Just like people, proper skin care is necessary to maintain your pet’s appearance, comfort, and overall health. 4 Paws is your go-to place for comprehensive dog grooming in the Calgary area.


Is Someone Looking Shaggy?

Bring your pet to us for a fresh cut and revitalized new look.


Our Treatments

Utilizing products made by Nagayu, including the C02 SPA, our staff can help eliminate persistent odors and reinvigorate the condition of your pet’s coat. Bicarbonate and hydrogen ions remove mineral waste and traces of silicon dirt clogging the hair’s root. The treatment process is designed to increase your pet’s blood flow for enhanced cell regeneration (increasing nutrients and oxygen) which boosts their metabolism for quicker skin healing. We incorporate a moisturizing component to optimize your pet’s dermal care.

4 Paws Grooming is available for any pet grooming situation you need us to attend to. Contact us today to schedule your next visit.

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